Staff and Volunteers


Lyndsie Leech

Executive Director
Lyndsie holds a Master of Public Administration from Middlebury Institute of International Studies and a Graduate Certificate in Public Health from Oregon State University. Lyndsie also brings over 10 years of social service experience in resource development, grant writing, public relations, project management, program evaluation, and communications. She most recently joins us from The Child Center but has also worked with long-standing community non-profits such as HIV Alliance and Looking Glass Community Services. Lyndsie is a mother of 2 young children, has lived experience with postpartum anxiety and depression which fuels her passion for working with parents, caregivers, and children. Her love for WellMama’s mission led her to this leadership position. 

Gina Mendez-Paoletto

Bilingual Support Coordinator

Gina received her degree at Oregon State University. She has an extensive background in social work, primarily focusing on advocacy for women and children. She, originally from San Diego California, where her extended family resides, has made a home in Oregon since 2008 with her two daughters. She hopes to provide the support that is needed within the Latinx community while fulfilling her role with WellMama. Along with being a full time single parent, she is a long-distance runner, loves cooking with friends and family and is often seeking new places to visit. She believes in empowering people to reach their goals.

Molly mae Culligan

Perinatal Loss Manager

Molly mae has been serving parents in Lane County since 2002. Since the death of her young daughter in the late fall of 2000, she has dedicated herself to parents and families. Starting out as a pediatric hospice volunteer, she quickly became a support group facilitator for bereaved parents, a role she has held for 19 years. Molly mae mentors support group facilitators, leads her own groups, hosts events, and works to educate systems around her in the unique needs of parents after the loss of their child(ren). Her dedication to serving others is her way of making meaning of her daughters life, her life as her daughters mother, and their continuing connection.


Kelsey Lawless

Perinatal Loss Coordinator

Kelsey has worked closely with the birth and postpartum community since 2013, both in the hospital and as a birth doula here in Lane County. She is passionate about equitable access to mental health resources, and aims to support those who need it with compassion and without judgment. Her heart is dedicated to this important work of providing support to bereaved parents, and she brings the lived experience of loss with her into her role at WellMama. Kelsey finds her greatest joy in raising her sons, spending time in her garden, and connecting with friends over tea.



Mariah Moon

WellMama Volunteer

Mariah has a background in pre-school education, has a passion for music and signing and is a parent of 2 year old twins. When she isn’t busy running around keeping up after her kiddos, Mariah is supporting WellMama as our Twins and Multiples Support Group and on the warmline as she has first hand knowledge about the joys and challenges that come with raising twins. When asked why she loves volunteering at WellMama: “I am so happy to volunteer with WellMama because the work we do is crucial in supporting healthy families in our community. I love all the different forms of support we offer and wish I had known about this support when my twins were first born. I am thrilled to be able to offer support to fellow parents.” Her love, compassion, kindness, and her smile are contagious to everyone she meets.

Kylene Rush

WellMama Volunteer

Kylene is one of our warmline volunteers who works directly with parents who have faced a pregnancy or infant loss. She is supportive and empathetic to families facing this journey as she herself has experienced loss. Kylene is an Industrial Engineer and worked in manufacturing before coming to healthcare in 2009. She’s worked in hospital level quality and improvement until moving to a system level role in Quality and Improvement as a Program Director for Clinical Excellence at Peacehealth. When Kylene has free time she enjoys being in nature, hiking, camping and spending time with her family and friends. Kylene loves volunteering for WellMama because “I want parents who have experienced loss to know that they are not alone, and even though they now belong to a club they never wanted to be a part of, there can be some comfort in knowing there are people who have gone through this before and can support them through their journey. As I’ve gotten further in my own loss journey, I have realized that helping others helps me too and it is a hard, but beautiful experience together.”

Heather Gray

WellMama Volunteer
Heather came to WellMama over 5 years ago and has been one of our biggest champions. Heather has volunteered and given her time in so many different roles within our organization but it’s obvious to all of us that her true passion lies with working with volunteers and families. Currently, Heather is the Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Group Leader and takes calls on the warmline. She’s warm, friendly, endlessly supportive, and has the biggest heart. Heather wears many different hats in our community – she’s the Postpartum Support International Oregon Chapter Board President, Program Manager of Make Parenting a Pleasure at Parenting Now! and when she’s not busy giving of herself you will see her spending time with her family and friends. Heather loves volunteering at WellMama because “I love giving back and supporting those that are experiencing something I understand. It helps me heal and it’s wonderful connecting with others and letting them know they aren’t alone AND they can feel better.”

Chelsea Ross

WellMama Volunteer
Chelsea is one of our volunteers that takes calls on our warmline. She’s friendly, kind, and supportive of others. Chelsea is a RN in the Labor and Delivery Unit at Riverbend and has been passionate about women’s health and infant care her whole life. As a nurse she has cared for many women and families who have suffered a loss of a baby. She knows how hard the journey to parenthood can be because she has also had a miscarriage and has gone through postpartum anxiety. Chelsea loves volunteering with WellMama because “I love giving to a community where I know my passion and personal experiences can benefit others.”