Center for Community Counseling Partnership

We are excited to announce a partnership with Center for Community Counseling!   We recognize that it can be difficult to access therapeutic services right now.  Wait lists can be long.  Paperwork and intake processes can be difficult to navigate, and finding a good fit within limitations of insurance systems can make it feel very challenging.   Couples counseling can be particularly hard to navigate.  

WellMama provides peer support services for pre-and post-baby journeys.  We frequently get requests to help with the process of getting a counselor/therapist.   This partnership will quicken the process for WellMama clients to get access to counseling services quickly and easily.  Center for Community Counseling’s mission is to make therapy accessible and affordable for those who have no others means of getting support. 

What is it?

Center for Community Counseling & WellMama are partnering to offer Individual and couples counseling services for families that are expecting or have had a baby within the last 2 years, or have adopted a child, experienced a pregnancy loss, or the death of their infant, or any other reproductive health event that causes stress, anxiety, or depression.   Relationships during this period can be particularly strained, and we invite our families to participate in couples counseling to strengthen that bond before and after baby arrives.


CCC brings in Master’s Level Interns that are learning and growing as therapists. WellMama will be providing further training and support to designated interns to help them specialize in Perinatal mental health and family systems.

Do I qualify?

If you are on the Oregon Health Plan, have no insurance, have insurance but cannot afford the copays or it does not cover mental health services, or you cannot find an available therapist within the time you really need the help, this program is for you!  

What is the process?

First, read the information on this page, then fill out this interest form:  


Once you submit the interest form, it will give a screen that will have a link to submit an intake form that will go to Center For Community Counseling intake team. Please make sure to complete both forms.


The CCC team does intake meetings every Tuesday, so depending on when you submit the form, it may take 1-8 days to reach back out to you to schedule a time to meet.  You will be able to meet with regularity for as long as you need, and work on skill building, connecting you to resources, and more.   We also encourage you to continue or start attending regular WellMama support groups during this time.

What does it cost?

Center for Community Counseling requires anyone accessing their services to pay a nominal fee, as low as $1 per session, with a sliding scale.  If this is still more than you are able to afford, please let us know and we can work something out.


This partnership is being supported by a grant from the Lane Community Health Council.