Our Mission

WellMama is a comprehensive nonprofit providing pregnancy and postpartum mental health support services, to new, expectant, and grieving parents. We support families and caregivers struggling with emotions related to reproductive health issues, including pregnancy, the first few years postpartum, adoption, infertility, and perinatal loss. 


We hold space on the ancestral lands of the Kalapuya people. We honor and pay respect to the past, present and future stewards of this land and all indigenous peoples who call Oregon home. 

Our Mission:

WellMama provides resources, peer support, and wellness services to people affected by or at risk for mental health conditions related to parenthood. We educate parents and the professionals who serve them on prevention, identification, and treatment. WellMama raises community awareness of perinatal mental health and promotes supportive policies and accessible treatment. 


     Our Values:

  • Accurate information and support for the emotional challenges of the parenting journey are matters of basic rights, social justice, and appropriate healthcare.

  • All parenting journeys are valued, including but not limited to, pregnancy, infertility, adoption, birth, loss, and unexpected outcomes.

  • Parents should never feel alone.

  • Parents are never to blame for their depression, anxiety, or mood disorders, and they should receive understanding and compassion.

  • Emotional support during pregnancy and after delivery or loss is key to preventing the development of severe mood disorders, including postpartum depression.

  • All families should have access to pregnancy and postpartum support services.

  • Our actions to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion require continuous review and improvement to support healthy people, healthy families, and the achievement of our mission.


Our Objectives:

  1. Offer accurate information and confidential, nonjudgmental support to individuals who may be experiencing perinatal mood or anxiety disorders and those who support them through a free warm-line, email and text support, and group support and wellness services. 

    1. Support is culturally appropriate and sensitive to the beliefs around mental health and reproductive events. 

    2. Services are designed to address barriers of access to appropriate support that are found among different communities.

    3. Support services are safe spaces where all people are welcomed as they are for who they are. 

  2. Provide education, consultation, and training to the professional community on the most recent research on prevention, screening, diagnosis, and treatment of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

    1. Ongoing offerings of training are critical for ensuring and expanding healthcare and social service professionals’ awareness and knowledge of mood and anxiety disorders that relate to reproductive events.

    2. Ensuring a high percentage of healthcare and social service professionals are educated about prevention, diagnosis, and treatment is a high-leverage way to achieve equity of access to mental health support for all groups. 

3.  Raise community awareness of perinatal mental health and promote supportive policies and accessible treatment

  1. Provide opportunities for all community members to access the Perinatal Mental Health Summit

  2. Ensure there are outreach materials in all public health spaces

  3. Increase awareness through convening of or attendance at community events

  4. Working with health professionals on current best practices for preventing, identifying and treating


    Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:

WellMama’s commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion are active processes that require continuous review and improvement to promote healthy individuals, healthy families, and the achievement of our mission. We promote equity by valuing diversity and inclusion, ensuring all clients receive what they need in the ways they need services. We actively recruit staff, volunteers, and Board members who have lived experiences as members of the diverse communities WellMama serves. We relentlessly focus on inclusive programming that is culturally informed, values the assets all individuals bring, and creates safe spaces for our clients to express their authentic selves and heal. 

We are people who have been there or served and loved those that have been there.

You are not alone, and shouldn’t ever feel that way. Talk to us. We are here.

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