Perinatal Bipolar

Perinatal Bipolar is a serious mood disorder characterized by alternating periods of mania/hypo-mania and a depressed mood. Severe mania may include psychotic symptoms and can be very serious.  In pregnant or postpartum women, bipolar depression can look like severe depression or anxiety symptoms. It is important that you review your history with your provider if you have a previous history of bipolar in your or in your family.

Symptoms of Perinatal Bipolar Can Include:

  • Episodes of mania/hypomania: severely depressed mood
  • Moms experiencing mania or hypomania may not feel tired or fatigued, even if they are not getting much sleep or rest.
  • Rapid thoughts or speech
  • Impulsiveness, poor judgment

Risk factors for Bipolar Mood Disorder are family or personal history of bipolar mood disorder.

If you believe you or someone you know may be suffering from perinatal bipolar, please contact us.

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