Staff and Volunteers

Natalie Berkman

WellMama Volunteer

Natalie has been a WellMama volunteer since September 2013. She started as a warm line volunteer and now helps to develop and facilitate training for new volunteers. Her first experiences with WellMama were as a support group attendee, following the birth of her first son. She was struck by the capacity of mothers to support one another through the highs and lows of new parenthood, and wanted to reciprocate the support she had received. Natalie is a psychotherapist in private practice. She specializes in helping women with the challenges of motherhood, including mood and anxiety disorders during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Jennifer Reynolds

WellMama Volunteer

Jen found out about WellMama when she was pregnant and knew she would be prone to postpartum depression and anxiety because she had a strong history of dealing with depression and anxiety. She started attending support groups right after she had Liam and received amazing support. She knew that she wanted to help and give back. Jen attended a volunteer training and has been a volunteer for a year now. Jennifer was accepted to Portland State University’s MSW program, where she plans to become a therapist for children and adolescents. She plans to stay on the Warm Line and make it to events when she is able to.

“I love WellMama. I had so many feelings after having Liam, but I knew I would get through it. As a single mom, I struggled and didn’t have much support or help after about the first month. I have done this completely on my own and I have to say I am proud of myself.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need. We are here to help. Do not give up.”

Kristine Chadwick

WellMama Volunteer Grant Writer

Kristine moved to Eugene in 2013 and wanted to get involved in her new community. The mother of three mostly-grown sons, Kristine suffered depression and rage every time she was pregnant and wanted to support other women in ways she had not been supported. When she discovered WellMama, she knew she’d found a venue to express her passion for ensuring women receive the support they need to move through and past these often unexpected, misunderstood, and unwanted emotions. Kristine works closely with WellMama’s Executive Director and Board members on grant writing and fundraising. She holds a doctorate in psychology and is the director of planning, research, and evaluation at a local education consulting firm.

Kristine’s free time is spent on her volunteer passions, her family and friends, reading, and enjoying the products of Oregon’s amazing vineyards.

Rachel Basolo

WellMama Volunteer

Rachel has been rooted in the Eugene community for 25 years and works with expecting and new families as a birth doula. Through her direct work with new families, Rachel sees just how many women (and men) suffer from postpartum depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders and strives to offer support, and hope, to those moving through this trying time. Rachel volunteers on the Warmline and helps with events and administrative tasks as needed. Rachel believes deeply in the power of peer support and is thrilled to be part of the WellMama team, connecting families to real, tangible support and resources to help ease the transition into parenthood.

Lillian Shoupe

WellMama Volunteer

Lillian loves to spend time with blossoming families. Over the years, she’s found ways to do this via teaching prenatal and postpartum yoga, childbirth classes and infant massage; as a birth doula and postpartum doula; and leading WellMama’s Parenting Now! support group for 4 years. In an ongoing goal to simplify her life, she now spends her time with young families by supporting them as a postpartum doula (privately and through Daisy CHAIN) and teaching infant massage (privately and through WellMama). She loves her weekly FaceTime reading time with her granddaughter in Massachusetts, sewing items for her little business Apronville, managing her large flock of chicken and ducks, and growing beautiful things in her always expanding perennial gardens.

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